Our trainer focuses on both the horse and the rider to create a
winning combination

Hillcrest is pleased to be the home of Stacy Hess and Lalo Deloya.
Stacy, or trainer/instructor, and Lalo, our groom extraordinaire, have
brought renewed enthusiasm and many new clients and customers to
the barn.

We are so very fortunate that Stacy and Lalo chose to make Hillcrest
their home as they received inquiries, and still, receive inquiries from
many top name Saddlebred barns. This fantastic team has brought a
wealth of information, experience, and opportunity to Hillcrest.

Stacy Hess is a life-long horsewoman who grew up showing in Virginia
with Oak Hill Academy's, Time Henry, and later, with Mountainview
Stables', Kathy Jones-Cook. Stacy is well known throughout the
Saddlebred community, not only in Virginia and West Virginia, but
through many areas of the United States.

Stacy has worked with several talented trainers over the years; and,
most recently, she was an assistant at Mercer Springs Farm in
Princeton, West Virginia. There, she had the opportunity to study
under world-renowned trainer, Smith Lilly, and his wife, Alexandra, and
mother, Sandy. Primarily responsible for working young stock and
doing her fair share of grooming and various barn "grunt" work, Stacy
also had the opportunity to work several very nice ribbon winners and
draw from the wisdom of the Lilly family with their many combined
years of experience. The time she spent at MSF was invaluable, and
from time-to-time Stacy keeps Smith on call as a consultant.

Lalo Deloya is a life-long horseman who grew up in the Saddlebred
world. Pictured at the right draping roses over 2006 Five-Gaited WGC
He's the Man. During his employment with MSF, Lalo also tended to
the daily care of such greats as WC Platinum's New Look, WC Golden
Market, WC Callaway's Coraleen, RWC You Move Me, RWC French
Silk Stockings, WC Stradivarius, WC Billy Jewel and WC Just Special,
just to name a few. Lalo is a meticulous groom, and horses in his
charge receive the very best of care.

After working and learning from their previous employers, both Stacy
and Lalo sensed the time was right to make their own mark in the
Saddlebred world and start their own venture. Serenity Stables, in
Virginia. Due to circumstances beyond their control, this vigilant team
was forced to look for another barn where they could grow and
prosper. Although they were courted by many well known saddlebred
barns, thankfully they chose Hillcrest.

Stacy and Lalo bring a first-class, top-notch organizational culture to
our barn. Their passion for excellence, coupled with their attention to
detail, love of the horses, and overall zest for life make them an
outstanding team. We are lucky to have them as a part of the Hillcrest

                                                   Last Updated: 7/19/2011
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