Whatever your experience level or style of interest, we can
customize a riding program to fit your needs.

All lessons are given with Saddleseat instruction and are geared
toward teaching students to ride not only a horse, but a show horse.
Driving lessons are also available. We understand that not all riders
will choose to compete, but it is our desire to give students the
opportunity to learn show ring skills so that they may show if they
choose. Beginning lessons are geared toward learning basic
horsemanship regardless of future intent.

Lessons are available for ages 4 through adult. The lesson can be
adjusted for beginning to advanced riders. Driving lessons are also

For lessons you will need:
  • Kentucky Jodphur Pants
  • Boots
  • Helmet
  • Gloves

Please note:
In the beginning, long pants or jeans with a hard sole, closed toe shoe
is permitted. Shorts are absolutely not permitted. Gloves are not
required for beginning lessons but as students progress they will be
necessary. Helmets are required by Michigan law for children under
18 years of age and are strongly encouraged for every rider. A helmet
is available for loan, but you should purchase your own for sanitary

Any of the above can be purchased on the
Resources/Links Page.
We support our local businesses, so if you have questions about
where to purchase please ask.

Lessons are one-half hour and are private unless indicated by the
instructor. The rate is $30.00 per lesson. Rates are per half-hour and
are subject to change (call for latest pricing).

Clients with a horse in training receive one lesson per week included
in their training rate. They also receive one ride/drive per week with
their training horse.

Cancellation Policy
Lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled by 12 PM on the day of
the lesson. Students not cancelling lessons will be responsible for the
cost of the lesson. The instructor reserves the right to dismiss
students for excessive cancellations.
Lesson Programs
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