Hillcrest trainers focus on both the horse and the rider to
create a winning combination

We are privileged to offer the experience and expertise
of Stacy Hess as our trainer/instructor and Lalo Deloya as
our groom "extraordinarie".

What to expect
All training starts with the client's goal and incorporates the
abilities of the horse. Our trainer knows that the same technique
will not work with every horse. Each horse requires different
tools to be successful. Over a trainer's career they add many
"tools" to their toolbox to ensure that they can help both you and
your horse.
Training with integrity; training to win
There are inherent risks which are involved in riding and working around horses. These risks may include, but are not limited to, damage to personal property, illness, bodily injury,
trauma, or possibly death resulting from a fall or while riding or being in close proximity to horses. Hillcrest Equestrian Center and its employees are not responsible for any accident,
injury, or damages that may incur.
Training includes boarding at
Hillcrest Equestrian Center, one
lesson per week (on a lesson
horse), and one lesson a week
on the training/driving horse.
The cost of training is
$800/month. Please call for
more details.
Equestrian Center